Saturday, January 4, 2014

A New York State of Mind...or Am I California Dreaming?

Like all things there must be an update. Here, ladies and gentleman is an update on all things BELLA MORTE.

This is the beautimous official cover for book one of the series. It conjures something wonderfully epic and wonderful and all things challenging for the heroine to face.

With the symbol for Hekate Press located just inside the O or Morte I am proud to say I am the first author contracted there. And I highly recommend anyone with with a short story, novella, novel, or epic series to submit there. The people there are wonderful to work with and this is the kind of quality cover art can only come when a succinct synopsis on the part of the author is only matched by their ability to get out of the way and trust in the artist to do their job properly.

I also have a release date. April 2014. The physical launch party will

take place in Louisville, KY at the Ramada Inn off of Plantside Drive the weekend of April 11th-13th at Conglomeration. I will be in full costume as Justice Xavier as the mystic warrior, bella morte herself. There will be cake music from the Civil Wars (on CD, not in person), gift baskets, and of course the books to be autographed by me.

Also of note. BELLA MORTE the television series treatment has been passed along to agents/producers. So while this means nothing definite in the grand scheme of things it is still more than some are lucky enough to have.

Book 2, BELLA MORTE: DEVIL'S BACKBONE is meeting to 30K mark and hopefully I will crest it today. That being said I hope the holiday season found you all well and that it didn't stress you out too badly.

Until then keep Bella in mind when purusing the virtually bookshelves for something to read, it will be available in print and ebook.


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