Tuesday, December 17, 2013

As the Wheel Turns

Sometimes luck and good fortune are just on your side. And while I'll admit, I've busted my ass for everything I've gotten over this past three years I haven't done it alone.

If you read yesterday's post on my Letters to Daniel blog you'll see where I have done a gratitude post. But like I said sometimes you just have to a sprinkling of good fortune and I seemed to be covered in the stuff right now.

So I'm blessed in the sense I'm writing the 8 book series of my dreams with a house where I'm going to get a kick ass cover. (Hekate Press is now accepting submissions by the way.) I'm 59 pages/15K into the second book and loving every second of it.

But the acting interest? I hustled for that stuff. But good fortune smiled on me in that they liked it. And finally I have someone passing my treatment and accolades onto agent/producers. Indeed I am covered in the glitter of good fortune and preparation meeting opportunity.

Not that other people haven't just as hard, if not harder roads, but I've traveled a pretty hard road myself. And this is all very, very sweet indeed.

Until next time...

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