Thursday, December 5, 2013

Chariots of Fire!

Everybody on the book front. I crossed the finish line! 70,261 words to be exact. I had to wait all this time because all of energy went into that book, leaving little left over for a blog post about how everything else around it is going on.

On the television series front there is increasing interest from the acting community from the likes of Jon Lindstrom and Sonya Eddy (Kevin and Epiphany of General Hospital fame) and serious interest from Cady McClain (Dixie of Tad and Dixie from All My Children) and Steve Burton (Jason Quartermaine/Jason Morgan of General Hospital & Dylan McAvoy of Y&R) have also expressed interest.

Rich Ridings of Highlander and a brilliant British stage, film, and television actor thought my work was strong enough to submit to the BBC Writer's Room.

And Hekate Press has offered to publish all eight books in the Bella Morte series. Busily at work on Bella Morte: Devil's Backbone.

Well folks, until next time...

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