Monday, November 25, 2013

Dorian Lord is My Hero

Today I'm choosing to talk about the indomitable Robin Strasser aka the powerful and unapologetic Dorian Lord of One Life to Live fame. It is quite easy for me to see her as the the deeply  misunderstood, at turns vulnerable, but always villainous Queen Eleanor of Ke'lan.

I'm talking about her because she is the first actress or actor to say YES I wish to play this role. And she gave me another name, Emmy winner Susan Gammie, one of the best costume designers in the business. And since this is a costume drama one of those would definitely be needed. I passed on the treatment and the pilot to her and have my fingers crossed in a huge way.

Robin Strasser is no stranger to controversy as she has a strong will and strong mind and will express her opinion. Most recently this has been

via Twitter. And this is how I found her. I loved the evil yet vulnerable Dorian. She has done some wicked, wicked things, but when it comes to family she is always there for them and protective if not downright manipulative in the name of that love.

She likes her men younger and has gotten to play opposite the gorgeous Tuc Watkins and the ever popular Nathan Fillion of Castle, Serenity, and Firefly fame.

With each passing day things seem to look better and better for my like series and book (which currently stands at 52,095 words. And may get more on the day yet as I strive to hit 70K.

So while nothing is a fate accompli in this world until the ink is dry on the contract I have to say I think my Ma-Maw is up there looking out for me. Now just to find my Justice Xavier, my Bella Morte,the title character of the series and so many other character to pass it along to the right people.

Today I say, Dorian Lord, for all her faults is my hero today, or should I say the outspoken Robin Strasser is who, like so many others is cheering me on. I feel truly blessed today.

Until next time...

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  1. That's amazing, Amy! Congratulations! I hope it all works out the way you want. (And I'm a Dorian Lord fan, too!)