Thursday, November 21, 2013

Going the Distance

So I'm passed the halfway point and have my beer goggles on. The next hurdle is 50K and I'm hoping to reach it by Saturday. Ambitious, I know, right? Especially for me. I feel running out of juice. Or worse. Out of story. Although to be honest, this time around I don't feel myself running out of story.

The excitement I feel is that if I can just make it to 50K it truly will be all downhill from here.

Writing an epic seemed impossible at the beginning. But I suppose it's like the old adage, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Now, before I go puffing my chest out and thumping it with my fists I suppose I should remind myself of a few things first.

I have to make it to 50K first without the story petering out. And that folks remains a very perilous task indeed. For someone who's only made past 50K to the 60K mark one other time 70K remains a long ways away.

Which makes the next 8,909K so important. If I can make it there I know the next 20K is doable. I have done 20K. Honestly I can do 20K in my sleep. The problem is either surpassing it by much or getting stuck at 15K. Which is a problem I don't have to focus on too much right now.

I bought myself a reward at 35K. So today is divided into two halves. From now until 5PM EST. 1500 words. Fix dinner. Eat dinner. Relax until new episode of Big Bang goes off then 1500 words and no bed until I crank them out. Tomorrow it might be more difficult as my PR person at Jitterbug has FB Party planned for the launch of another book of mine.

As for news on the Bella Morte front. My mentor and friend has made quite the generous gesture that I can't share with the public at large. Suffice it to say. I am touched beyond words and it has generated quite the bit of excitement on this end. They know who they are and that I couldn't be more motivated towards that 70K mark.

Until next time...

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