Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nearing the Home Stretch

So here we are again. Only this time I'm on the verge of crossing the great 50K divide. 70K, which once seemed so far away seems completely doable and possible. Plus maybe a little extra if need be.

But as it is I stand on this side of 50K. 48K+. I stand here thinking, wow, how did I freaking do this? The beginning was so damn hard. And the realization that this was going to be something special for me (writing wise) as my mentor said, it just kind of snuck up on me real easy like. Then gobsmacked me right in the kisser.

I want to say at this point I am still not at 70K. I have great respect for that number and that even though I want to dive immediately into the second book I

have no real clue as to what it will be about, where it will open or how it will end. I'm still trying to figure BELLA MORTE: BEGINNINGS ending out. I'm a panster by nature which makes all of my series interesting in that you ask yourself a very important question. Am I ready for my favorite characters to die? So far I have written romance. And suppose with all the love stories unfolding in Bella Morte you could call it paranormal romance. I think it's more urban fantasy but that's just my opinion. But from what I understand urban fantasy isn't selling. Steampunk is. So I'll call Bella Morte paranormal romance.

So as the 50K divide doesn't look so intimidating I will say, certain things seem to worth tying up and others will be left hanging wide open, first of all, the fragile reunion of father and daughter will be tested in a big way, the birth of the widowed Elizabeth Wilson's child is on the way, and a healing ritual has gotten to be blown up in a huge way. Not to mention the big reveal by the Queen Eleanor of Ke'lan to her young son Henri who is turning out to be much more devious than his mother ever dreamed of being.

20K+ to go. I think sometimes I'm not going to make, yet at others I think I've got a lot to get to in a small space. Does every writer experience this onset of madness?

Until next time...

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