Monday, November 18, 2013

It's All Downhill From Here...I Think

I didn't put this picture in the last post. My apologies to the character and to the reading public at large. I just wanted to say I've officially crested the halfway mark in BELLA MORTE: BEGINNINGS. 36,097 words of last night. That magical place in the marathon where you look back and go, hooray! I've done how much? You throw confetti and celebrate. And then as it went down when I ran my first (and up to this point the only) marathon I saw the bus full of half-marathoners go by and split off to their finish line. And I thought, oh fuck what have I gotten myself into?

This is what I've gotten myself into. An epic saga the likes my earlier self could never have written. And that folks is a fact.

And right now I have things to celebrate with. I have purchased the rockin' The Civil Wars audio CD. Even though I am writing some kind of UF or paranormal romance it is the appalachain sounding rock infused flavor of this band I discovered on Pandora that informs the heroine of Justice Xavier. A sword wielding, dagger slashing, gun toting bad ass torn between destiny and her hearts desire for revenge.

What makes things fantastic about this journey is that I have several Angels out there mentoring me and shining light on my path. One of whom gave me a huge blessing last night. I won't mention their name, should they be over innundated with similar requests. But I wanted to say thank you. Because even though the road is long and even though the blessing is no guarantee it could mean greater things on the horizon.

This blessing requires a great deal of patience on my part. Although it's not like I wouldn't have anything to do in the mean time. There are edits coming on CORNBREAD from MuseItUp. Edits coming from Hekate for two other series. 7 other books to write in the Bella Morte series. Cons and festivals to attend. Promotion to do. Contests to wait to hear back on.

Bella is my favorite heroine so far. Tough, yet tender. Full of rage, yet vulnerable. She's taken awhile to fully realize but I tore the first draft down to its roots and have started the arduous task of building her up again. Thank you, Bertena. Thank you, Delilah. Thank you, Lea. Thank you, Frank. Thank you, Dave. And thank you, Julie. You all know why I am so grateful. And one day all of you will too.

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